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Suicidal Romance

"A Kiss To Resist"


Release: 2008
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Suicidal Romance - A Kiss To Resist MCD

"A Kiss to Resist" is the follow up release to last year well recieved debut CD "Love Beyond Reach". Musicwise Suicidal Romance define their music as "romantic pop" in the vein of acts such as L´ame Immortelle, Blutengel or even In Strict Confidence. Atmosphere meets clubsound! The 13 track EP features a great cover-version of the Erasure classic "Always". Suicidal Romance truely made the next step to become another established scene artist within short time.
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3016
1.Like An Angel (Feat. Jan Moser)
2.Lose Your Fears
4.Our Game
5.Autumn (In Your Heart)
6.Lose Your Fears (Syrian Remix)
7.Our Game (Trümmerwelten Remix)
8.Lose Your Fears (Xp8 Remix)
9.Our Game (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
10.Lose Your Fears (Massiv In Mensch Remix)
11.Our Game (Forgotten Sunrise Remix)
12.Lose Your Fears (Radio Edit)
13.Call Me (Acoustic Version)