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Suicidal Romance

"Memories Behind Closed Curtains"


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Release: 2011
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Suicidal Romance - Memories Behind Closed Curtains CD

Estonia based Suicidal Romance already managed to establish themself within the dark wave / electro scene by releasing two albums 'Love Beyond Reach' and 'Shattered Heart Reflections' as well as an E.P. and the new pre-album digital single 'Whisper Goodbye'. The strong mix of harsh electronics, warm melodies and the charismatic voice of female singer Viktoria makes their sound pretty unique.

Ten new songs is the result of their third album also featuring great collaporations with Pete Crane (of australia based SHIV-R) and Felix Marc (of Frozen Plasma/Diorama fame) make this album a true masterpiece.
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3195
1.Love Will Have Her Revenge
2.Whisper Goodbye
3.Slave/Slave Feat. Pete Crane (Of Shiv-r)
4.Hold Me
5.Don't Go
6.Ecstatic Feat. Felix Marc (Of Felix Marc)
7.One Love
8.Forever As One
9.Amour Amor Feat. Vva
10.Behind Closed Curtains