InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Suicide Commando

"Black Flower (Limited Edition)"



Release: July 2020
Status: Sold out
Suicide Commando - Black Flower (Limited Edition) CD

After re-releasing last month Suicides Commando ́s Black Flowers Tape on Itunes / bandcamp High request came to make it also available as a psysical release, So now Sleepless Records Berlin is proud to announce Black Flowerscomes in a beautiful Digipak version and with a must have extra track ! A ultra rare Suicide Commando industrial soundscape, 30 minutes Bonus track named “Baustellen”
InfraRot sales rank:44
InfraRot item number:9948.305
Label:Sleepless Records
1.Die Herrscher Des Himmels 2 ́32
2.The Mirror 3 ́18
3.Never Get Out 4 ́25
4.Selling God 4 ́22
5.Down On Your Knees 3 ́26
6.Symptoms Of Death 2 ́52
7.Down On Your Knees (Slavery Mix) 2 ́59
8.Infected 1 ́55
9.Black Flowers (I & Ii) 5 ́19
10.Agonize 4 ́13
11.Hang Me, Nail Me, Burn Me, Bury Me 3 ́57
12.Closed 2 ́11
13.Baustellen (Bonus) 30 ́38