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Suicide Commando

"Forest Of The Impaled (Limited Blue Vinyl)"

2LP + CD


Release: July 2017
Status: Sold out
Suicide Commando - Forest Of The Impaled (Limited Blue Vinyl) 2LP + CD

Belgian Hard-Electro-pioneers Suicide Commando return with their darkest and most intense effort to date. „Forest Of The Impaled“ will be released as a regular album CD, deluxe double disc, 2LP+CD and as a limited 4CD-fan-set.

On his new album, Suicide-Commando-mastermind ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.A1. The Gates Of Oblivion
2.A2. My New Christ
3.A3. Too Far Gone
4.B1. Death Lies Waiting
5.B2. The Pain That You Like (Feat. Jean Luc De Meyer)
6.B3. Poison Tree
7.C1. The Devil
8.C2. Chasm Of Emptiness
9.C3. Crack Up
10.D1. Schiz(O)Topia
11.D2. We Are Transitory
12.D3. The Devil (Instrumental)
13.1. The Gates Of Oblivion
14.2. My New Christ
15.3. Too Far Gone
16.4. Death Lies Waiting
17.5. The Pain That You Like (Feat. Jean Luc De Meyer)
18.6. Poison Tree
19.7. The Devil
20.8. Chasm Of Emptiness
21.9. Crack Up
22.10. Schiz(O)Topia
23.11. We Are Transitory