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Suicide Commando



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Release: July 2022
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Suicide Commando - Goddestruktor 2CD

Mankind is doomed! Wars and destruction, religious fanatics and the greed of a few, combined with hate and exclusion on social media. Triggered by all the scum of humanity, Johan Van Roy - frontman & mastermind of Suicide Commando, delivers what is perhaps his heaviest album to date and releases musically monsters like “Bang bang bang” or “Kill All Humanity”. Conciliatory tones only come from Charlotte Nuytkens, finalist of the Belgian edition of "The Voice", who can at least bring a glimpse of an ideal world in "Land Of Roses“ - a tiny glimmer of hope in an otherwise martial terror-EBM beast. You better take cover! Here comes the "Goddestructor".

The Bonus-CD contains Remixes of internationally well-known Electro-acts like Assemblage 23, Cryo and FGFC820 - just to name a few.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Kill All Humanity
2.I'd Die For You (V2.0)
3.God Of Destruction
4.Jesus Freak
5.Sterbehilfe (Euthanasia 2021)
6.Destroyer Of Worlds
7.Land Of Roses
8.Bang Bang Bang
10.Bunkerb!tch (Censored)
11.God Of Destruction – Cryo Remix
12.Sterbehilfe – Rob Dust Remix
13.I'd Die For You – Assemblage 23 Remix
14.Jesus Freak – Dead When I Found Her Remix
15.Bang Bang Bang – C-Lekktor Remix
16.Bunkerb!tch – F U C K B O T Remix
17.Jesus Freak (Die In Agony)
18.Sterbehilfe – Fgfc820 Remix
19.Destroyer Of Worlds – Nano Infect Remix
20.Kill All Humanity – Tactical Sekt Remix
21.I'd Die For You – Elektro Terapi Remix