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Suicide Commando

"Industrial Underground (Limited Edition)"



Release: November 2022
Status: Sold out
Suicide Commando - Industrial Underground (Limited Edition) LP

InfraRot sales rank:569
InfraRot item number:9958.155
1.A1 Waiting For The Gnomes 2:47
2.A2 The Anger Game 3:13
3.A3 Blok B 1:38
4.A4 Morgue 2:06
5.A5 Cor! 3:31
6.A6 Crawling In Pain 2:52
7.A7 Industrial Underground 2:41
8.A8 Xenophobia 3:45
9.B1 No Remorse 3:26
10.B2 Down Under 2:21
11.B3 Nervous Breakdown 2:27
12.B4 Brain Distortion 2:13
13.B5 Misery 2:29
14.B6 Drowning Pictures 3:07
15.B7 Nightmare Reality 4:02
16.B8 Sick In Your Mind 2:25