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Suicide Commando

"The Suicide Sessions 2 (STORED IMAGES)"


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Release: 2013
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Suicide Commando - The Suicide Sessions 2 (STORED IMAGES) 2CD

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Label:Out Of Line
2.The Exit
3.Save Me (Remix)
4.The Human Disgrace
5.Intercourse (Reloaded Ii)
6.Dying Inside
7.Mortal Combat (Final Act I)
8.The End Of Your Life
9.Actions Of The Mind
11.See You In Hell !
12.Fall Away
13.See You In Hell (Part 1 & 2 - Extended Mix)
14.Head Down
16.The Face Of God
17.Traumatize (Clubmix)
18.See You In Hell (Remake By Monolith)
19.Burn Baby Burn
20.Last Decision
21.Murder (Extended)
22.See You In Hell (Live In Bielefeld)