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Supreme Court

"Avid For Revenge"


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Release: April 2022
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Supreme Court - Avid For Revenge CD

After single releases such as „We Are Dumb“ or „Face Reality“, „Supreme Court“ return with their new album „Avid For Revenge“ after a break of almost 12 silent years (!). The Chemnitz (germany) based Dark-Electro / Harsh-Electro act is setting a new high in catchy dark electro. No fillers, just killers - presenting 12 new songs plus a bonus of four amazing remixes by artists such as Feindflug, ES23, Lights Of Euphoria & PreEmptive Strike 0.1. The album is released in a limited Eco-Pak. „Avid For Revenge“ is combining catchy, hard hitting rhythms with dark melodies and the urgent shout vocals of singer and producer Kay Härtel. Get your hands on a copy while they last. Harsh Electro is back!
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1.Twisted Nerves
2.Voice Of Hate
3.Go To Hell
4.Away Of My Fears
5.We Are Dumb
6.There’S No Way Out
7.Face Reality
8.Simplify Your Life
9.Racheengel (Feat. Pseudokrupp Project)
10.Rotten Corpses
11.Wrong Believe
12.Only One World
13.We Are Dumb (Feindflug Remix)
14.We Are Dumb. (Es23 Remix)
15.Face Reality (Lights Of Euphoria Remix)
16.Face Reality (Preemptive Strike 0.1 Remix)