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Suzanne Vega

"Live At The Speakeasy"


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Release: 2014
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Suzanne Vega - Live At The Speakeasy 2LP

FANTASTIC 140 GRAM VINYL LIMITED EDITION RARE SUZANNE VEGA BROADCAST FROM PIVOTAL MOMENT OF HER CAREER - DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!! This superb broadcast recording captures Suzanne Vega at an early but pivotal moment in her rapid rise to world renown. The concert, at New Yorks intimate but influential SpeakEasy club in Greenwich Village, was performed the week her eponymous debut album was released in April 1985. This beautifully rendered show is also of particular note because, unlike at her later gigs, Suzanne appears entirely solo.
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Label:Let Them Eat
2.Toms Dinner
3.Small Blue Thing
4.Some Journey
6.The Queen And The Soldier
7.Knight Moves Disc
8.Freeze Tag
9.Marlene On The Wall
11.Straight Lines