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Swallow The Sun

"Ghosts Of Loss"


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Release: June 2019
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Swallow The Sun - Ghosts Of Loss CD

It was only two years after their debut The Morning Never Came (2003) that the Finnish act were ready to show it was a matter of time they were to be considered the next big name in the doom death scene. Top 10 in Finland's Top 40 chart and nominated by the Finnish Metal Awards for best cover art and best band, 2005 sees Swallow The Sun and the sophomore album Ghosts Of Loss crowned with success before moving to an even more creative and triumphant period.
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1.The Giant
2.Descending Winters
3.Psychopath's Lair
4.Forgive Her.
6.Ghost Of Laura Palmer
7.Gloom, Beauty And Despair
8.The Ship