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"White Light From The Mouth.../Love Of Life"


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Release: 2015
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Swans - White Light From The Mouth.../Love Of Life 3CD

Die legendäre New Yorker Post-Punk Band Swans veröffentlicht ihre beiden Alben "White Light From The Mouth Of Infinity" und "Love Of Live" als remasterte Reissues in zwei aufwendig gestalteten Box Sets auf 3CD und 3LP+CD!

Swans, die legendäre New Yorker ...
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Label:Mute Artists Ltd
1.Better Than You
2.Power And Sacrifice
3.You Know Nothing
4.Song For Dead Time
5.Will We Survive
6.Love Will Save You
8.Song For The Sun
9.Miracle Of Love
11.When She Breathes
12.Why Are We Alive
13.The Most Unfortunate Lie
14.(---) Pt. 1
15.Love Of Life
16.The Golden Boy That Was Swallowed By The Sea
17.(---) Pt. 2
18.(---) Pt. 3
19.The Other Side Of The World
21.The Sound Of Freedom
22.(---) Pt. 4
25.(---) Pt. 5
26.In The Eyes Of Nature
27.She Cries (For Spider)
28.God Loves America
29.(---) Pt. 6
30.No Cure For The Lonely
31.Amnesia (Long)
32.Song For Dead Time (Mg Version)
33.You Know Everything
34.Mother’S Milk
35.The Child’S Right
36.Love Of Life (Short)
37.Unfortunate Lie (Inst. Version)
38.No Cruel Angel
39.Black Eyed Dog
40.Love Of Life (Long)
41.Picture Of Maryanne
42.Amnesia (Live)
43.Dream Dream
44.Please Remember Me
45.Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
46.The Unknown
47.Blood On Your Hands
48.A Young Girl Needs