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"A Journey Through Concern"


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Release: September 2020
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Synapscape - A Journey Through Concern CD

synapscape is tim kniep : voice, electronics, synthesizers, programming and philipp münch : synthesizers, electronics, programming.

the rhythmic noise act synapscape has experimented with different influences during the past quarter century and they’re clearly not ready to stop their sonic voyage of transposing existing genres into a very personal adaptation. "a journey through concern" is the next chapter of philipp münch and tim kniep’s signature ogre of industrial-techno.

it’s more than simply a fusion between industrial and harder fields of techno music. it becomes an intelligent and accomplished production, which hallmark is also the result of tim kniep‘s processed and syncopated vocals. the presence of rhythmic-noise, tight violence, electronic zeitgeist, complex characters, idm plot-lines, mystery, ambiguity and moral ambivalence all come into play. synapscape as we love it and the way it has to be.

"a journey through concern" is enriched and complemented with state of the art remixes by cervello elettronico, imperial black unit, hypnoskull and orphx.
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2.Dirty Deal
4.It Ain't Right
5.The Claw
6.Silver Bullet
7.A Crack
10.The Claw (Cervello Elettronico Remix)
11.Dirty Deal (Imperial Black Unit Remix)
12.Uprise (Hypnoskull Remix)
13.Uprising Confessions (Orphx Remix)