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"In Praise of Folly (Limited Edition)"


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Release: December 2019
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Synapsyche - In Praise of Folly (Limited Edition) 2CD

The album also comes out as a limited edition with a bonus disc featuring another diverse selection of some 13 remixes by bands in the likes of AIBOFORCEN, TOLCHOCK, AVARICE IN AUDIO, VENAL FLESH, H.O.W., NEIKKA RPM, UCNX, NANO INFECT and many more.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Per Astra Ad Aspera
2.Mirror Terror
4.The Ghost Dna
5.Requiem For A Lucid Dream
6.Viva Insanity
8.Who The Fu*k Are You Now?
9.Diva Paranoia (Feat. Noemi Aurora)
10.They Made Me Do It
11.Split (My Dear Doppelgänger)
12.Fail With Me
13.Welcome Dystopia
14.Mirror Terror (Venal Flesh Remix)
15.The Ghost Dna (Nano Infect Remix)
16.Who The Fuck Are You Now? (Complex Mind Remix)
17.Viva Insanity (Doomsday Is Now Remix By Technoid)
18.Mirror Terror (Neikka Rpm Remix)
19.Who The Fuck Are You Now? (Pax Sono Remix)
20.Viva Insanity (Märcoda Remix)
21.Mirror Terror (H.o.w. Remix)
22.Who The Fuck Are You Now? (Aiboforcen Remix)
23.Mirror Terror (Shades:of:hell Remix)
24.The Ghost Dna (Chemosynthetic Remix By Ucnx)
25.Mirror Terror (Tolchock Remix)
26.Mirror Terror (Avarice In Audio Remix)