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Synaptic Defect

"World-Wide Life & Death"


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Release: 2008
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Synaptic Defect - World-Wide Life & Death CD

The rough draft of the material was finished still in the summer of 2007. The rigid sounding of the classical electro-industrial hammer from the veteran of the electro-scene is adjusted and goal-directed. From the first moments of the album you can understand, that its sounding will not leave you give watch your favourite tv-show and quietly fall asleep under the damping tick of the clock after drinking some bottles of beer for the night. You simply fell into a trap, skillfully arranged by Mark. The classical electro-sounding, from the soul flavoured by the elements of crushing power-noise, seizes and takes you away, without letting you to have a break. Mark probably has listened thousands of releases during his life, but he knew how to find his own, individual, simply recognizable style, giving into it his experience acquired by years. The locomotive begins to collect its speed from the 30th second of the album without stopping, in order to carry you at the rabid rate through the entire "Word-Wide Life & Death" and to give some work to the pick hammers, knocking in your head for all the 77 minutes of the album.
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1.World-wide Life & Death
2.Devouring Hate
3.Punish Me
4.False Prophets
5.I Bleed
6.Global Genocide
7.Paralyzed (Final Act)
8.The Door To My Pain
9.Under Control
11.Leave Me Alone
13.Morgue (Rest-in-noise)
14.Devouting Hate (Severe Illusion-remix)
15.Devouting Hate (Regurgitation-mix By Type 001)
16.Devouting Hate (Hateful-version By The Pain Machinery)