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"The Beginning"


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Release: 2016
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Syntec - The Beginning CD

With their limited single „Catch my fall“ „Syntec“ recently started their massive comeback some 21 years after their last album „Upper World“. The former „Machinery Records“ recording artists produce warm but dark electronic pop in the vein of artists such as De/Vision, Camouflage or even Depeche Mode. The new album „The Beginning“ is their third full-length to date and presents eleven new electronic hit songs. „Syntec“ sound like they have never been away simultaneously fresh, modern and full of catchy sounds and melodies. The opening song „The Beginning“ as well as „Catch my Fall“, „Devil in Heaven“ or „Send me an Angel are all potential single outtakes for the clubs out there, followed by melancholic listening tunes such as „When I call your name“, „She’s gone“ or „January“. Eleven true masterpieces without any filling material make „The Beginning“ a must have for all electropop/synthpop lovers. The album was mixed and mastered by Jan Loamfield of Noisuf-X/X-Fusion Music Production.
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1.Back To The Beginning (4:39)
2.Catch My Fall (4:38)
3.Devil In Heaven (3:43)
4.I Don’T Want To Lie Anymore (5:35)
5.When I Call Your Name (3:46)
6.The End Of The World (4:26)
7.Libertè (3:50)
8.Leave Me – Love Me (4:23)
9.She’S Gone (5:22)
10.Send Me An Angel (4:14)
11.January (5:39)