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"Only Ruins Remain + Decade"


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Release: 2014
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Syntech - Only Ruins Remain + Decade 2CD

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of SYNTECH’s creation, HANDS releases a limited edition lavish oversize package containing the „Only Ruins Remain“ album plus the album “Decade” with 14 remixes by associates and friends. From well-known acts such as TOTAKEKE, DIRK GEIGER and PHILIPP MUENCH over favored newcomers like MORTAJA, DIRTY K and ECSTASPHERE to more obscure acts, this covers a wide range of styles from rough rhythm’n’noise over IDM, EBM and ritual ambient. A great tribute to diversity and friendship!Let’s take a look at what the fellow musicians have done with the intensely rhythmic, tribal-flavored tracks that are trademark Syntech:First up, new label mate TOTAKEKE has added a digital-sounding surface of glitches, while PHILIPP MUENCH turns his track into psychedelic, hypnotic industrial fantasy; MORTAL VOID surprise us with a classic dark electro tune, and RES-Q provide a bouncing bassline;DIRTY K are easily recognized through their filthy rhythmic noise beats, while DIRK GEIGER adds glossy electronica sounds; INDIVIDUALDISTANZ are a long-runnig dark electro project who have contributed not only a remix, but also close the album with a hot and smoking collaboration track with vocals; Ophelia aka ECSTASPHERE showcases her dark and brooding industrial sound, and MORTAJA and =MP45= let the listener plunge into percussive, ritual ambience; SIMON SCHALL stands for repetitive, abrasive old school rhythms, while Leipzig-based SANS FIN creates a lush rhythmic piece with a trumpet melody on top, and the wonderful TO TRAVEL WITHOUT ANY CERTAIN DESTINATION are about deepness and digital debris.A manifold display of talent, a dazzling array of electronic sounds and an appropriate birthday present to SYNTECH!
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2.Only Ruins Remain
3.No Sunlight
4.Deceptive Silence
5.Drive Hunt
6.Electric Hellfire
8.For How Long
13.Harvest Season
15.Whiteout (Zer0 Visibility Mix By Totakeke)
16.Phi Ton Mai (Philipp Muench Rmx)
17.Coated With Dust [Mortal Void Remix]
18.Labyrinth (Roughmix By Res-Q)
19.Voltage Boost (Dirty K Rmx)
20.Phraa Jaan Naak (Dirk Geiger Remix)
21.Coated With Dust [Individualdistanz Remix]
22.Orcus [Immersion Rmx By Ecstasphere]
23.Blackest Night Sirens (Mortaja Remix)
24.Don’T Be Shy (Syncronic Remix By Simon Schall)
25.Labyrinth (Brotherrmx By Mp45)
26.Shy (Sans-Fin Remix)
27.Dying Forest (To Travel Without Any Certain Destination Rmx)
28.Pain Lose Ground (Syntech Feat Individualdistanz)