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"Waiting For The Rapture"


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Release: 2009
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Synth-Etik - Waiting For The Rapture CD

After a two year break to concentrate on studio work, Synth-etik has returned once more with a follow-up to his 2007 CD ('Phantom'). On his fourth release, 'Waiting for the Rapture', Frank Macros proves yet again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the field of intelligent electro-industrial club music. Over the course of Waiting for the Rapture's 13 tracks, Synth-etik demonstrates a compelling fusion of hard electro-industrial-tech beats with a trained ear for haunting and unusual sounds. 'Waiting for the Rapture' is the ultimate balance between electro and hard industrial tech.
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InfraRot item number:2003.998
Label's catalogue number:HANDS D130
1.The Second Coming
2.Gift Of Salvation (Formantor)
4.Letter To The Tribulation Saints
5.World No Man Should See
6.Fisher Of Men (The Apostel)
7.Fisher Of Men (The Betrayer)
8.Where My Dreams Live
9.Darkest Confrontation (Return Of The Anti-christ)
11.Seven Year Week
12.Atnone(Al) For My Sins
13.Left Behind