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Synthetic Dream

"Future Machine (Limited Edition)"


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Release: November 2020
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Synthetic Dream - Future Machine (Limited Edition) CD

Started in 1999 as a techno, acid trance project by Günther Haegeman. erefore Günther was involved in lots of other projects, started at an early age making grindcore and punk, he later made electronic music. e danceable techno drums made room for slow dark atmospheric ambient, as Günther met the man behind Marquis, Peter W. Czernich and created suitable music for the fetish lms. e in uences came from di erent styles, dark ambient, acid, industrial and trance. Still so nowadays. Inspired by the universe, UFO’s and old sci- movies, he is now releasing an o cial cd on BBR records. Synthetic Dream can be found on a Belgian record ‘Shadows in the dark’ and the project released some cdr’s in the past, and yes, back in the days the project released 2 tapes. Future Machine builds up from relaxing ambient to heavy (Goa)trance.
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Label:Berlin Beats
3.Fetish Magnet
5.Deep Dark White
6.Deep Dark Black
7.Zone Four Clearence
8.Damage Report
9.New Born Technoids
10.Beyond Procyon
11.Canvasbio Synthetic Dream