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"A Gift From Culture (Expanded)"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Syria - A Gift From Culture (Expanded) 2CDR

Now, finally, with 'A Gift From Culture' one of the most style-forming and most important Syria albums of 90s is available again (re-mastered and re-stored): This double-set contains the original songs and, in addition, tracks of the E.P.s' Neverland Things' and 'Voodoo Highway' (both - as well as the album - originally released in 1996) as well as up to now unreleased demos, rough-mixes and - as a special gift to the fans - live-recordings of the 'Neverland Things' tour.

This is rounded by a 32-sided booklet which also contains a preface written by Christian Dörge beside all song texts and artistic photo illustrations.
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Label:Black October Rec.
1.With Delicate Mad Hands
2.A Gift From Culture
3.Neverland Things (Edit)
4.Sculptures Fruits And Tea-Partys Part 1
5.Passage For Piano (Situation One)
6.Conversations At Night
7.Elegy Of Angels And Dogs
8.Description De L'Egypte (Badlands 1996-Version)
9.Back From Diaspora
10.Icon Of Sin (Black Cocktail 1964)
11.Sculptures Fruits And Tea-Partys Part 2
12.Venus Von Prag
13.In The Drift
14.Hey Hey Helen (Gun-Metal-Grey-Version)
15.Untitled 1964
16.Fruit Of The Desert
17.Sweetest Smile (2002-Remix)
18.Disappearing Act
19.Unsichtbare Grenzen (Instrumental)
20.Voodoo Highway (Electric)
21.Elegy Of Angels And Dogs (Live 1996)
22.The Trial Parts 1 & 2
23.Enemy Land
24.Disappearing Act (Rough-Mix)
25.Wake The Kings (Live 1996)
26.Logic Of Empire (Live 1996)
27.Back From Diaspora (Acoustic)
28.Love Is A Gun (Original-Version)
29.Voodoo Highway (Acoustic)
30.Venus Von Prag (Demo)
31.Sweetest Smile (Live 1996)
32.Sculptures Fruits And Tea-Partys Part 1 (Rough-Mix)
33.Sculptures Fruits And Tea-Partys Part 2 (Demo)
34.Logic Bomb (Live 1996)
35.Lucretia My Reflection (Switzerland Club-Mix)
36.Passage For Piano (Situation Two)