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"Within and Beyond (Limited Edition)"


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Release: May 2019
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Talvekoidik - Within and Beyond (Limited Edition) 2CD

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Within and Beyond: Prepare for a manifesto of expressionist ideas, with Talvekoidik taking his agenda even further than on his previous albums, which already embraced a much-regarded eclectic approach. Electronic-based tracks originating from unconventional sound design are used to paint soundscapes oscillating between plausible and unreal, tangible and abstract. A work of beauty, a picture of the “Within”, extended over two discs with the second presenting re-recordings and remixes by Talvekoidik himself and prolific guests providing some unexpected diversion, the peek “Beyond
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1.A Glimpse Of Tranquility
2.Stones Roll Down The Streambed
3.Set Sail To Gotland
4.On A Rainy Day You'll Understand
6.The Storm Paints With Waves And Clouds
7.Out Of Place
8.In November
9.The Forest Behind The Cliff Line
10.Breathe With Relief
11.Such A Perfect Day - Bristol Mix
12.Rising The Tension - Subtractivelad Remix
13.The Möbius Strip – Version
14.Nordlicht - Leitmotiv Rainbow Remix
15.Atlas - Version
16.Silent Reflections - Full Circle Mix
17.Unreal Yearning - Ein Profil Remix
18.The Tree Knows A Secret - The Story Mix Feat. Infienity 09 Thats My Desire - Edg
19.The Cliff - Version