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Tangent Strategy



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Release: 2021
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Tangent Strategy - Revenant CD

Style: Electro/Industrial. On extra-long duration CD (86:55 minutes!) British electro/industrial underground solo act Tangent Strategy possesses a particular com- positional talent, that substantially distinguishes him in the industrial electronic hemisphere for talent and creativity. The protagonist of this project proposes an extremely interesting and fasci- nating sound, through which he manages to stimulate the listener's imagination exponentially by transporting it into parallel dimensions. The album "Revenant" can be considered as THE turning point that will make Tangent Strategy emerge definitively from the sidereal darkness in which the project was enveloped until today! The 17 songs are brightening with high potential and expose the listener to electronically dark, essential, alienating modulations. The tracks are a hymn to software, a triumphant succession of industrial-, EBM- and powernoise harmonies! Effervescent punctuation of sequencers, dis- turbing transmissions, electronic vortexes, caustic frequencies, cosmic effects, unadorned synth symphonies and vocals ranging from threatening harsh to poisonous reverberated whispers - or even to basic android chants transfigured by filtering! This album is a space open towards the experimentation of unconventional music, full of re- finement, original inspiration and fine sound tactics. "Revenant" will be a positive surprise for the entire electronic scene: a powerful and absolutely catchy release that gets your mind and body moving. Only industrial pride at its maximum expansion!
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1.The Invocation
3.Un Coeur De Glace, Un Esprit D'hiver
4.Fountain Square
5.Dead Reckoning (Reverse/action)
6.And The Lies
7.The Doctrine Of Overwhelming Force
8.The Execution If Zealots In The Marketplace Square
9.Angel Of Black Desire
11.The Rising Sun And The Behemoth
12.Accept Death
13.Hark! For I Am The Portent Of Misery
14.Machigatta Guuzen
15.Floodgates Now Open
17.Serenade For Hana