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Tara Cross

"Tara Cross 1982-1989"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Tara Cross - Tara Cross 1982-1989 LPBOX

Excellent wide-ranging minimal/synth & Wave-tunes by one of the most outstanding female artists in the 80's cassette-culture and wave/underground releasing a total of 4 Tapes, one Lp and contrbuting to numerous Cassette and Vinyl-compilation.

About Tara Cross:Tara Cross was ...
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Label:Vinyl On Demand
Label's catalogue number:VOD85
2.I Must Be Strong
3.Learning The Truth
4.I Wanna Be A Cop
5.Ancient Like Bach
6.Echo Beat & Small Synthesizer Sounds
7.Cocktails With James Bond
8.No Way Out
9.Reverse Situation
10.Waiting For The War #1
11.Airplane Invasion
12.Eyes Don't Lie
13.Untitled #7
14.War Never Sleeps
15.Orient Man
16.The Groupie
17.Underwater Cities
18.Rataliation Of Dignity
19.Seasons To India
20.Try Troy
21.It's Cold (Also On V/A One For Bangkok, A.D.R.001, Tape,1983)
22.Microphone Connection (V/A Insane Music For Insane People Vol. 12, In
23.Like I Am / Comme Je Suis (On Unovidual Entropies (Cass, Micrart 1986
24.I'm Going Away (Previously Unreleased)
25.Discovering Dishes (Previously Unreleased)
26.Touch Me Here Touch Me There (V/A SNX Box, Hawai Records, 1985) 4:20
27.Lp2B: Searchlight & Torch (Collaboration-Tape With Stefan Tischler Of
28.Alpine Connection
29.Clandestine Locale
30.Alien Code
31.The March
33.Beyond The Corridor
34.Porto Rico
36.Searchlight And Torch
37.Flight 1 (Also On V/A Mineral Composition, Lp, Stratosphere Music, 198
38.Tori's Dream
39.I Won't Cut It Away
41.Long Distance
42.Hotel Midnite
43.Flight 3
44.Hear Me (Short Edit)
45.Desperate (Also On V/A Insane Music Vol.6, Tape, Insane Music, 1984)
46.Alphabetical Numbers
47.City Limit (On V/A Life '85, Tape, Temporary Music, 1985)
48.No More Drugs (On V/A Femirama, Lp, Auxilio De Cientos, 1986)
49.Oriental Men (On V/A Sensationnel No. 3 & No. 4, Tape-2, Illusion Prod
50.Small Talk (On V/A Sensationnel No. 3 & No. 4, Tape-2, Illusion Produc
51.Dot U're T's And Cross... (On V/A Necronomicon 4, Tape-2, Necronomicon
52.Philosophy, What Philosophy? (Human Dance And Tara Cross, From A Conc
53.I Love You, You Know (Human Flesh Featuring Tara Cross From Human Fles
54.Lack Of Identity (Human Flesh Featuring Tara Cross, Unreleased,1989)
55.Rain Sprouts
57.Shade Of Blue
58.Tempus Fugit
59.Days Fade
60.Pulse Purgative
63.That Boy
65.Aalter Image