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Tear Garden

"Have a nice Trip"


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Release: February 2017
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Tear Garden - Have a nice Trip CD

Metropolis is proud to reissue the stunning “Have A Nice Trip” from the psycedelic-industrio-experimental act Tear Garden. The long running project is the meeting of the minds of Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key and Edward Ka-Spel from The Legendary Pink Dots. Abstract musicianship meets esoteric poetry in the best ways imaginable, It takes the intrepid listener on a mesmerizing voyage of the mind.
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1.Made In China Part 1
2.Made In China Part 2 A
3.Lonesome Tonight
4.Figures In The Mist
5.Palm Sunday
6.Horace The Diaper
7.Nothing’S Set In Stone
8.Spare A Dime
9.Natural Selection
10.Nowhere To Land
11.Blazing Cathedrals
12.Have A Nice Trip