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Tearful Moon

"In the Dark Morning"


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Release: 2017
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Tearful Moon - In the Dark Morning CD

Style: Coldwave / Minimal Wave

Tearful Moon was born during a hot summer night in Texas. Sky Lesco, a poet and a muse, had an idea to collaborate with her musician lover, Manuel Lozano, on creating a spoken word project. The very first tracks were only the sounds of haunting ambient music accompanied by dark and sensual poetry. It was by accident that Tearful Moon took a different turn when Manuel made the suggestion for Sky to sing the words rather than speak them. It wasn't long until synthesizers were introduced to the equation…

A decade of poetry written and collected by Sky made their parts into each song on their debut 10 track album ‘In the Dark Morning’. It's a journey full of shame, sins, death, spirituality, sorrow, heartache, loss, love, hope, beauty, and the whole human experience of walking through darkness,searching for the light. Hypnotic and melancholy, you hear glimpses of many influences, and yet it's hard to pinpoint all of them. You might want to dance or you might want to just drift off into a trance.
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Label:Wave Records
1.The Stoning
2.The Stars Have Fallen And Died
5.Twin Flames
6.Rain Of Sorrow
7.Ya Viene El Caballo Blanco
8.Be Reborn
9.Lust Spell
10.Soul Can Of A Siren