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"Different Shape Of Beauty"


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Release: 2008
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Tearwave - Different Shape Of Beauty CD

A year after their debut, Tearwave returns with this monumental CD. Overflowing with passion and motion, Jennifer's soaring vocals float over guitar glaciers, letting her words flow from a very authentic place, tapping into the darkest sides of her self. Different Shade of Beauty's huge washes of shoegazer / indie-rock / dream-pop is driven by Doug's sweeping, gauzy guitars creating a dense musical interplay with Joe's surging bass-lines and John's insistent drum rhythms. And yet, even with the beautiful layers of musical melody, it's the ghostly ethereal soprano and dark lyrics which beckons through.
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Label's catalogue number:PRO217
1.Shattered Fairytale
2.Holding On
3.Nothing's Wrong
5.The Message
6.Falling From Grace
7.Can't Go Home
8.Claiming Life
9.Under The Milky Way
10.Read Me
11.Love Only Makes Me Weak
12.Ripped Apart
13.Comfort In Angels' Wings
14.First Time
15.Forgettable Name
17.72 Bpm