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Teatro Satanico



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Release: October 2020
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Teatro Satanico - Fatwa CD


This album is without a doubt the band’s most Satanick work to date.It starts with a bunch of anti-religion synth-punk songs.Then it moves deeply farther into esoterick electronick left-hand paths, where post-industrial noises copulate with minimal-electro sounds.And then it puts a malediction (or a prayer?) on the real enemy of humanity.And ends summoning the Proud Adversary of the true evil, a ritual invocation to the only and true Light-bringer!And then again more hell to tell ...10 songs with Italian, English and Latin lyrics.Post-industrial laptop-punk & Satanicka esotericka electronicka at his very very beAst!

Well hidden inside the digipack folder come 4 full-colour pictures of astonishing oil-paintings by SATURNO BUTTO' (, the Italian maestro internationally known for his exceptional and superior fine-art.
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Label:Old Europa Café
1.Allah Kebab
2.Adrian Andrew Woodhouse
3.God Told You To Do It
5.Sex Magick Rockets Babalon
6.Baby Babalon
7.La Visione E La Voce
8.Dio Dio Dio Di Odio
9.Anus Dei
10.Veni Satan Lucifer