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Techniques Berlin



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Release: February 2018
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Techniques Berlin - Breathing 2LP

NADANNA presents the Canadian synthpop act TECHNIQUES BERLIN. Formed in 1984 by high school buddies Andreas Gregor and David Rout, the band started experimenting with synthesizers, drum machines and guitars. In the early stages, TECHNIQUES BERLIN was heavily influenced by UK new romantic acts like Japan, Spandau Ballet, Visage, The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Yazoo and Depeche Mode as well as rising Canadian synthpop bands Rational Youth (Dave became a member in 1998/99), Men Without Hats and Trans-X. It took them a few years to master their electronic toys and create a unique blend of addictive electropop melodies and beautifully crafted alternative beats.

In the late 80s, TECHNIQUES ...
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1.Deep End
2.Cold War
5.Burning Down
6.Hollow Graphic Haze
7.Driving Force