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"Imitation of Life (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Tenek - Imitation of Life (Limited Edition) CD

Style: Electropop. Brand new 8-Tracks Mini-album, limited digipak of 500 copies!This double EP comes bundled with two growing fan favourites: “Imitation of Life” EP (inspired from their recent album, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’) and ‘What Kind of Friend?’ EP (previously only sold in digital format), put on one CD!‘Imitation of Life’ – brings us a bigger sounding remastered track, along with two brilliant remixes: an 80’s analog remix (Nik Hodges) and a darker rock edge remix (Ghostlights/aka Sam Morrison) and to add something completely different and unexpected to this release – an exceptional piano rendition of “A New Foundation” (Matt Jessup).‘What Kind of Friend?’ – comes with two outstanding alternate versions: a hard hitting powerhouse mix with an almost thematic feel from the well known UK composer/producer/mixer (Andy Gray/aka Grayedout), and a second with a most unexpected darker sound for the band (remixed by Martin Swan/Vile Electrodes). An added bonus is the inclusion of an altered and re-mastered track, “Sombre Friday” that originally debuted on tenek’s first album (Stateless).
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1.Imitation Of Life – Single
2.Imitation Of Life - Pre-Midi Remix
3.Imitation Of Life - Pale Imitation Remix
4.A New Foundation - Piano Version
5.What Kind Of Friend? - Radio Edit
6.What Kind Of Friend? - Grayedout Remix
7.What Kind Of Friend? - Miami Odyssey Synthporn Remix
8.Sombre Friday - Alternate Mix