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The Birthday Massacre



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Release: 2020
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The Birthday Massacre - Diamonds CD

“The night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us.”

Diamonds, the new album by The Birthday Massacre, contains an exploration of darkness as well as light, poison as well as its antidote. Within the songwriting, one can sense the passing of time, and the conflicts and resolutions that we can all feel. Nights end, and days resolve. If we look inside, we can find these precious emotions and conflicts. Every single one of them is valuable. Like the diamonds in the dark...

And thus, have “Diamonds” by the Birthday Massacre. The distinctive soaring synths and guitars, paired with our Chibi’s beautiful familiar and reassuring voice, guides us all into the darkness as well as out to the light - guides us to mourn and to look inside, but also take our hand and invite us to dance, and remember - the night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us…
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2.The Sky Will Turn
6.The Last Goodbye
9.Parallel World