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The Damned

"Best Of: Oddities & Versions"


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Release: 2008
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The Damned - Best Of: Oddities & Versions CD

Eine sehr spezielle Compilation der Punk-Götter The Dumned mit großartigem Live Material von Klassikern wie "Shut It", "Love Song" und "Smash It Up". Zusätzlich gibt es alte Demos plus Bonus Tracks.
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Label:Plastic Head
1.Thanks For The Night
3.Do The Blitz
4.Curtain Call (Part 1)
5.Shadow Of Love
6.Stab Your Back
7.You Know
8.Idiot Box
9.Smash It Up
10.New Rose
11.Disco Man
12.Shadow Of Love
13.Wait For The Blakout
14.Grimly Fiendish
15.Lust For Life
16.I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)
17.Looking At You
18.Love Song
19.I Just Can't Be Happy Today
20.Stranger On The Town
21.Street Of Dreams