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The Dead Sexy Inc.

"Break Me"


Release: 2017
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The Dead Sexy Inc. - Break Me CD

Perfect Electroclash!!
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1.I Need Love 2:38
2.Baby's Got A Crush 2:55
3.Born To Loose 2:45
4.She's Driving Me Home 2:57
5.D Generation 3:26
6.Born To Loose (Electronic Um-Mix By P24) Remix – P24 4:02
7.Born To Loose (Slush-Mix By Clear Of Junk)
8.Remix – Clear Of Junk 4:42
9.Born To Loose (Remix By Blind Vision)
10.Remix – Blind Vision 5:34
11.Babys Got A Crush (Daddy Mix By J.s. Claydon)
12.Remix – J.s. Clayden 4:39
13.Epk-Video (Exclusive Press Kit)