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Release: 2010
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The Deep Eynde - Spellbound CD

With "Spellbound", The Deep Eynde return to their darker beginnings. With the direction of producer Jeff Blue (Linkin Park), and Producer Chad Blinman (Resident Evil, Face To Face, Faith & The Muse), The Deep Eynde have stripped their music down to the most personal level they have done to date.

"Spellbound" is the 6th their studio release. The Deep Eynde was first formed by singer Fate Fatal as a performance art act in Hollywood, but as the music writing progressed, the artistic nature came to a halt. Up to that point, Fatal had no band experience, but was soon known for singing backup for Siouxsie during one of her Creatures tours in Los Angeles. The Deep Eynde's first two albums ("City Lights" & "Suicide Drive") were released by Apollyon Records in Germany in the late 90's. "Hoodoo" was the first of their songs to chart on college radio stations. Fatal's diverse ability to cross over to different styles is apparent in "Alone Again", a duet with Gitane Demone (Christian Death).
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1.The Seizure Of Roses
2.Save Your Own
3.The Haunting
4.Love In Shadows
5.The Stranger Among Us
6.City Sinner
7.Strange Little Girl
8.The Outsider
9.My Darkest Hour
11.Possessed By You
12.Waiting For The Devil
13.Ghost Heart
15.Love In Shadows (Emily Bronte Remix)