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The Devil & The Universe

": Endgame 69 :"


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Release: June 2019
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The Devil & The Universe - : Endgame 69 : CD

The threatening sound of helicopter blades rotating, indistinguishable radio messages seeped in static, and the strains of a far-eastern melody open the new album by TDATU. Once the beat of the drums takes hold, you are reminded these sounds are being provided by the Viennese trio, who take us 50 years down memory lane with : ENDGAME 69 : Familiar electronic sounds, hard guitars and trance-evoking drums meet Indian and near-eastern vocal stylings—exotic drum and string instruments with such delightful names as the Tambur, Darabuka, Tablas, and Santurs. If, however, you think TDATU have now officially unearthed their inner trippy-hippies, think again…
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Label:Solar Lodge
1.Orange Sunshine
2.Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Dead
3.Dream Machine I
4.Altamond Apocalypse
5.Spahn Ranch
7.Dream Machine Ii
8.Satanic (Don't) Panic
9.Kalis Tongue
10.Revelation 69