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The Eternal Afflict

"...And Inbetween Love?"


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Release: 2014
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The Eternal Afflict - ...And Inbetween Love? CD

After their EP ‘Perish!’ (March) and the album ‘Birth*Life*Death’ (May), here’s the 3rd and final part of the 2014 trilogy by the cult band from the Ruhr area! ‘Love’ is by far the absolute No-Go-Word in all lyrics that TEA have published to date. Singer and songwriter Cyan breaks his own taboo and entitles an EP with …And Inbetween Love? But everything that‘s terrific should also have its appropriate headline.

This last part of the ...
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1.Kingdoms Fall (Where Pleasure Ends)
2.L‘Effet Inverse
3.And Inbetween Love
4.Freezin‘ Within
5.(Devil‘S Hiding) Underneath The Snow
6.And Inbetween Love (Club)
7.The End
8.Pirat (Desireless & Operation Of The Sun) Babylon-Version By Tea