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The Firm Incorporated



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Release: 2018
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The Firm Incorporated - Abgebrannt MCD

„The Firm Incorporated“ is a new breed coming all the way from germany. The band members are no rookies but well known artist namely Guido Henning and Jan Abraham (of E-Craft fame) and shouter, text writer and vocalist Jens Kästel (founding member of Funker Vogt). The three lead characterists have created a powerful combination of dark electronic beats and catchy melodies to take the club floors by storm. The first 500 piece limited E.P. is entitled „Abgebrannt“ („burnt down“) and features two german speech songs under the name „Abgebrannt“ and „Feuer“ („fire“). The E.p. comes with 8 songs/version and a total playing time of almost 40 (!) minutes. Remixes by Grendel, ES 23, Noisex & Ivardensphere make this release a „weapon“ in the hand of every DJ! Enough said, let the music speak!
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1.Abgebrannt (In Your Face)
2.Feuer (Straight)
3.Abgebrannt (Grendel Remix)
4.Feuer (Ivardensphere Remix)
5.Abgebrannt (Burn It Down)
6.Abgebrannt (Es23 Remix)
7.Feuer (Beat)
8.Abgebrannt (Alles In Asche Remix By Noisex)