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The Icicle Works

"5 Albums"


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Release: 2013
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The Icicle Works - 5 Albums Box

Sie waren Teil der Neo-Psychedelic-Welle, die Anfang der 1980er-Jahre nach England schwappte: The Icicle Works stammten aus Liverpool und zählten neben Echo And The Bunnymen und The Teardrop Explodes zu den prominentesten Vertretern des Genres. Mit "Love Is A Wonderful Colour", einem Song ihres Debütalbums, landeten sie sogar einen Top-20-Hit in Großbritannien.

Das Boxset "5 Albums" enthält die ersten vier Alben der Gruppe um Sänger und Songschreiber Ian McNabb (vom selbstbetitelten Debüt aus dem Jahr 1984 bis zum 1988er-Album "Blind") sowie ein komplettes Konzert ("Live At The Town And Country") aus dem Jahr 1986. Die Alben wurden neu gemastert und erscheinen mit jeweils sieben bis zu neun Bonustracks.
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Label:Beggars Banquet
1.Chop The Tree
2.Love Is A Wonderful Colour
3.Reaping The Rich Harvest
4.As The Dragon Fly Flies
5.Lover's Day
6.In The Cauldron Of Love
7.Out Of Season
8.A Factory In The Desert
9.Birds Fly(A Whisper To A Scream)
11.Love Hunt
12.Reverie Girl
13.Gun Boys
14.In The Dance The Shaman Led
16.The Devil On Horseback
17.Ragweed Campaign
19.The Atheist
20.Hollow Horse
22.Seven Horses
25.Assumed Sundown
26.Saint's Sojourn
27.All The Daughters(Of Her Father's House)
28.Book Of Reason
29.Conscience Kings
30.Goin' Back
31.Beggars Legacy
32.(Let's Go Down)To The River
33.Mission Bells
34.Mr. Soul
35.A Pocketful Of Nothing
37.When It All Comes Down(Unabridged Version)
38.Hope Springs Eternal
39.Travelling Chest
40.Sweet Thursday
41.Up Here In The North Of England
42.Who Do You Want For Your Love
43.When You Were Mine
45.Truck Drivers Lament
46.Understanding Jane
47.Walking With A Mountain
48.Don't Let It Rain On My Parade
49.Everybody Loves To Play The Fool
50.I Never Saw My Hometown 'til I Went Around The World
51.Into The Mystic
52.It Makes No Difference
53.Sea Song
54.Nature's Way
55.Impossibly Three Lovers
57.Shit Creek
58.High Time
59.Little Girl Lost
60.Starry Eyed Wonder
61.One True Love
63.Two Two Three
64.What Do You Want Me To Do?
65.Stood Before Saint Peter
66.The Kiss Off
67.Here Comes Trouble
68.Walk A While With Me
70.Solid Ground
71.Like Weather
72.Sure Thing
73.Hot Profit Gospel
74.Whipping Boy
75.Tin Can
76.Hollow Horse (Live)
77.Perambulator (Live)
78.Who Do You Want For Your Love (Live)
79.Understanding Jane (Live)
80.Love Is A Wonderful Colour (Live)
81.Rapids (Live)
82.Travelling Chest (Live)
83.Seven Horses (Live)
84.Sweet Thursday (Live)
85.Starry Blue-Eyed Wonder (Live)
86.Into The Mystic (Live)
87.Hope Springs Eternal (Live)
88.When It All Comes Down (Live)
89.All The Daughters (Live)
90.Birds Fly (Live)