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The Last Dance

"Now And Forever After"


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Release: 2006
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The Last Dance - Now And Forever After CD

Mit dieser Veröffentlichung feiert die Band ihr 14tes Bestehungsjahr und bietet eine Sammlung an B-Seiten, Remixen und raren Songs.
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Label:Dancing Ferret
1.Do You Believe In Angels? (Dybia 2006)
2.Once Beautiful (Video Edit)
3.Breath (The Dreamside Remix)
4.Nightmares (Phantasm Mix By Entropy)
5.This Tragedy (2002 Remake)
6.She's Dancing (2002 Remake)
7.Flesh (Flesh For Life 1998)
8.Regret (Trick Mix 2001)
9.Inside (Kane Mix 1998)
10.Mystery (1998)
11.Violet's Wedding (1996)
12.Now & Forever (Eternity Mix 1998)
13.The Storm (Fairytale) (2002)