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The Legendary Pink Dots

"Any Day Now"


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Release: June 2018
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The Legendary Pink Dots - Any Day Now 2LP

"Any Day Now" stands as one of the Legendary Pink Dots' best albums, and certainly among the best of the '80s. The Dots were often called an unlikely link between prog rock and industrial. "Any Day Now" lives solidly in a world of synthesizers & British goth & Syd Barret & psychedelia. This 2018 Expanded and Remastered Edition features bonus material, including excerpts from "Any Day Now Secrets"
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1.Casting The Runes
2.A Strychnine Kiss
3.Laguna Beach
4.The Gallery
5.Neon Mariners
6.True Love
7.The Peculiar Funfair
8.Waiting For The Cloud
9.Cloud Zero
10.Under Glass
11.The Plasma Twins
12.The Light In My Little Girl's Eyes
13.Neon Gladiators (Version Apocalypse)
14.Excerpts From 'any Day Now Sessions' (Vinyl/digital Only)