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The Legendary Pink Dots

"The Maria Dimension The Complete Recordings (Limited LP Box)"

4LP + Single/7"


Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
The Legendary Pink Dots - The Maria Dimension The Complete Recordings (Limited LP Box) 4LP + Single/7

Two gatefold double LPs + one single LP + poster + slipcase box!

Weight: 2,216 kilos! - Dimensions: 32,5 x 32 x 3,5 cms

25 years after the Dots' classic psychedelic masterwork was recorded, this set marks the first time the entire ‘Maria Dimension’ album has been released on vinyl. In addition to the original album, remastered and presented here as a double LP in a deluxe gatefold sleeve, the box includes another gatefold double LP and an additional single LP from the same Maria sessions.

The entire Box is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide, this slipcase box edition comes with extensive notes, rare photos, a poster and previously unreleased recordings.
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1.A1 Disturbance
2.A2 Pennies For Heaven
3.A3 Third Secret
4.A4 The Grain Kings
5.B1 The Ocean Cried ‘Blue Murder’
6.B2 Belladonna
7.B3 A Space Between
8.B4 Evolution
9.C1 Cheraderama
10.C2 Lilith
11.C3 Fourth Secret
12.D1 Expresso Noir
13.D2 Home
14.D3 Crushed Velvet
15.A1 The Maria Sessions (Part One)
16.B1 The Maria Sessions (Part Two)
17.B2 The Maria Sessions (Part Three)
18.B3 The Maria Sessions (Part Four)
19.C1 Lysverket
20.C2 Yogi Talks To Betty
21.C3 1001 Strings
22.D1 The Right Setting
23.A1 I Dream Of Jeannie
24.A2 Little Oyster
25.A3 She Gave Me An Apple
26.A4 Stirred But Not Shaken
27.A5 Where No Man
28.B1 Maria Snapshots