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The Meteors

"The Meteors Vs. The World"


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Release: 2010
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The Meteors - The Meteors Vs. The World 2CD

Essentielle Doppel-CD von der original Psychobilly Gruppe inklusive 17 neuer Tracks, 6 Live-Songs aus der "10th Anniversary Big Rumble". Ebenfalls enthalten sind 2 Titel live aus Las Vegas und 5 unveröffentlichte Alternativ-Versionen von einigen Klassikern und 2 versteckte Bonus-Tracks!
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InfraRot item number:2005.722
Label:Cherry Red
1.Meteors Vs The World (F.T.W)
2.Get Outta My Way Now
3.Stop Wasting Your Time
4.Death Dance 2000
5.Give The Devil His Due
6.Die World [Live]
7.She's A Zombie Now
8.The Crazed
9.Hell Ain't Hot Enough
11.Doing The Lords Work (Laz, Part I)
12.Execution Song (Laz, Part II)
13.Killer (Laz, Part III)
15.My Baby's Got A Flame Thrower
16.You're A Liar
17.You Don't Know Me Very Well
18.These Boots Were Made For Walking
20.Night Of The Werewolf