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The Moon And The Nightspirit

"Aether (LImited Edition)"

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Release: 2021
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The Moon And The Nightspirit - Aether (LImited Edition) 2CD

Throughout its 17 years of existence, Hungarian duo The Moon And The Nightspirit not once failed to enthrall lovers of mythical folk music. With traces of paganism and tribalism, the pair has existed in its very own fairytale world throughout six albums and countless intense live shows on international stages - but now, it was time for them to readjust their approach.

Speaking of their new full-length ...
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2.Kaputlan Kapukon Át
3.Égi Messzeségek
4.A Szárny
6.A Mindenség Hívása
8.A Szárny (Alternate Version)
9.Kristálymezök (Live In Krakow)
10.Kilenc Híd (Live In Krakow)
11.Mysterion Mega (Live In Krakow)