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The Moon And The Nightspirit

"Mohalepte (Re-Release)"


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Release: 2014
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The Moon And The Nightspirit - Mohalepte (Re-Release) 2CD

Re-Release as 2cd-digipak with three previously unreleased tracks!

Brought to life in 2003, the Hungarian entity known as The Moon and the Nightspirit has since been crafting a distinct artistic signature, reflected not only in their music but also in the unique visual universe that illustrates their work. Ágnes, a skilled singer and multi-instrumentist, is also the talented lady responsible for the paintings which bring to The Moon and the Nightspirit's music a fantasy-setting populated by creatures that trace back to traditional Hungarian legends and folklore.

These memories of times forgotten ...
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1.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Felleg Utjan
2.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Holdvarazsolt
3.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Idebenn
4.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Keregbolcso
5.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Mohalepte
6.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Oregerdo
7.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Tucskok Az Avarban
8.Moon And The Nightspirit~The · Zoldparazs