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The PCP Principle

"Rhythmus Ex Heretica"


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The PCP Principle - Rhythmus Ex Heretica CD

The PCP Principle returns with his second album - a crushing blend of grinding beats and epic, cinematic arrangements unlike anything you will have heard ever before! Probably Symphonic Rhythm'n'Noise should be the style name for the sound of R. Challenger aka The PCP Principle on - 'Rhythmus Ex Heretica'.

An astonishing and fresh mixture of absolute club orientated rhythm'n'noise beats and soundscore. Electronic sounds meet symphonic strings and powerful kicking electro industrial beats to create 11 club smashers, full of deep emotion. More aggressive and complex than the debut album 'Electronic Violence Phenomena', yet emotionally impacting and awe inspiring at the same time; the focus of the album being philosophy and the failings of human belief systems.
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InfraRot item number:2007.811
Label's catalogue number:D158
1.Annihilation Is The Only Option
4.Apocalypse When?
6.Tiny Minds
7.A Glorius Moment Of Horror
8.Nothing To Me
10.The Spiderheart