InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2008
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The Peoples Republic Of Europe - Singularity CD

After 4 self released albums The Peoples Republic Of Europe signed up with USA based label Vendetta music to tighten their grip on the world through the release of the 5th album "Singularity". An album about the coming man-machine civilization, bionics and cyborgs. As usual drowned in the bands utter nihilism and perverted sexual imagery. "TPROE" is the main industrial groove machine. Mixing techno, breakbeat and funk with hard hitting rhythmic industrial and powernoise to create industrial funk anthems for a world with blackened skies, huge skyscrapers, technology and ruthless corporations. Layering soundscapes made of static with hard distorted rhytmns and lots of oontz. Singularity hold 13 tracks mainly aimed at devastating dancefloors and households alike. From minimal industrial clubstompers, to greasy breakbeat, and from head on powernoise to the darkest and bleakest soundscapes.
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InfraRot item number:7867.000
Label:Vendetta Music
Label's catalogue number:VM0013
1.Age Of Machines
4.Drone Riots
5.Bionic Funk
6.Female Domination
7.The Forge
8.Mecca Glaccified
9.The Blasphemy Challenge
10.The Vigilante
11.Love And Joy
12.The Plague
13.Bitter Seventeen