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Release: 2006
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The Pulsar - Re-Wakening MCD

Sooner than expected the Russian trio of The-Pulsar returns with a new remix EP. The-Pulsar is have concentrated to offer some unknown names mostly hailing from the national borders of Russia and Hungary. Someone have never heard of acts like Id Molotov, Sanguis In Nocte, Repus Tuto Matos or Spin Provider, but after this listening experience eveyone have no doubt, that we'll be soon invaded by a quality new Eastern wave of Electro/Industrial. On this "Re-Awakening" EP they united with The-Pulsar to create a new version of one of the best The-Pulsar track, "Father". Two new tracks of The-Pulsar can also discovered here, "Myself" as the opener (which also receives a quality remix work by [T.3.R.], and "Last Pray" as the final track of this amazing 12-track EP, which also would work well as a full length CD. This is a nice trip to some unknown but damned talented efforts and The-Pulsar did choose some excellent acts for some remix contributions on their stuff, from which we in the Western oriented world still have to hear from.
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1.Myself (Original Mix)
2.Point Of No Return (Remix By Id Molotov)
3.Leaving Underground (Remix By Altera Forma)
4.Resistance (In Nocte Remix By Sanguis In Nocte)
5.Awakening (Fat Dance Remix By Repus Tuto Matos)
6.Leaving Underground (Sanguis Remix By Sanguis In Nocte)
7.Myself (Remix By [t.3.R.])
8.Father (Wavefall Versus The-pulsar )
9.Leaving Underground (Remix By [r 000]project)
10.Resistance (Club Surreal Remix By Schyzzo.Com)
11.Salvation (Remix By Spin Provider)
12.Last Pray