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The Pussybats

"Famous Last Songs"


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Release: 2009
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The Pussybats - Famous Last Songs CD

Finally the German alternative rockers are to release their debut album "famous last songs". It has been produced by Chai Deveraux (known as the guitarist of the industrial-glam-rock-band Jesus on Extasy). The first full-length album is one of the milestones in every young band's career. In this effect a lot of heart, soul, sweat and tears have been put into every aspect of the production. "The most beautiful tales end sadly', for example, features not only a contrabass, but also a guest pianist and vocalist, Leandra. The songs as a whole are diverse - in between a goodbye kiss and a kick in the ass - but also follow a clear, straight line: emotions instead of academics, catchiness, rock'n'roll instead of arty gimmicks. The Pussybats want to give something special for their fans. To the record you'll also gain access to an exclusive website packed with bonus content.
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Label:Black Rain
Label's catalogue number:BR 055
1.Back To The Darkness
2.The Banshee Blues
3.Your Woman
4.In April
8.Crimson Girl
9.No Romeo
10.Dance With The Devils
11.The Most Beautiful Tales End Sadly (With Leandra)