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The Qualia

"Memorial Gore"


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The Qualia - Memorial Gore CD

Hot on the heels of their 2010 album 'Secret Weapon', The Qualia are back with a release, just in time for summer. On the six tracks of their EP 'Memorial Gore', the Brooklyn, NY electro-pop four-piece rips through a wide swath of musical territory, from high energy disco-pop to torn-apart country balladry. Each song is a puzzle, with hidden stories about frustrated agoraphobic novelists, traumatic childhood accidents, and drug-addled adult siblings nestled within infectious, catchy-as-hell hook-laden synthpop songs. Like the best of The Qualia's work, the songs on 'Memorial Gore' initially show themselves as immensely accessible pop confections, but that first reaction soon gives way to a haunting, surprisingly dark interpretation of the burdens of modern living.

Just as with the band's ...
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1.Guess I Lied
2.Triple Crown
3.Word Gets Around
4.Keep It Coming
5.Fat On The Baby
6.Volcanoe (The Diogenes Club Remix)