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The Rabid Whole

"Autraumaton Remixed"


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Release: 2012
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The Rabid Whole - Autraumaton Remixed CD

Canadian electronic rockers, The Rabid Whole's first remix album featuring tracks from their debut album, "Autraumaton", as reconfigured by artists such as Seb Komor (Komor Kommando, Icon of Coil), Assemblage 23, Left Spine Down, Angelspit, Mind.In.A.Box, XP8, Kevvy Mental (Fake Shark- Real Zombie!), 16Volt, as well as The Rabid Whole's cover of Annie Lennox's "Love Song For a Vampire."
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InfraRot item number:2011.130
Label's catalogue number:YN-13
1.Collapse (Temptation Mix By Sebastian Komor)
2.All The Same (Euromix By XP8)
3.Faith In Yesterday (Kevvy Mental Dead Souls Mix)
4.Harder To Be True (Assemblage 23 Mix)
5.Selfish Whole (Angelspit Mix)
6.The Strings Inside (Psykkle Mix)
7.My Love, My Blood (Mind.In.A.Box Mix)
8.Tell Me Lies (Virtual Terrorist Mix)
9.Selfish Nature (16Volt Mix)
10.Distant Blue Skies (Wasteland Sky Mix By George V. Radutu)
11.Love Song For A Vampire
12.Evidence Of The Fall (Faith In Nothing Mix By Left Spine Down)