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The Raymen

"The Rebel Years"



Release: 1995
Status: Sold out
The Raymen - The Rebel Years CD

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InfraRot item number:4779.000
Label:Rebel Rec.
2.Desert Drive
3.Go, Bo Diddley
4.It Came From Outer Space
5.Real Wild Child
6.Ghost Town
7.Psychedelic Showdown
8.Nowhere Train
10.Death Valley
11.Blue Romeo
12.Saturn Doll
13.River Of Tears
14.Walk All Over Me
15.Hillbilly Werewolf
16.Man From Mars
17.Drive My Rocket
18.Precious Kisses
19.Bad Head Hunter
20.Desperate Ways
21.Haunted House Upon The Hill
22.Alligator Girl
23.Down In The Cellar
24.Killin' Cats
25.His Latest Flame
26.Voodoo Baby
27.Powder And Lipstick
28.Lonely Train
29.Wild Wind
30.The Holy Jukebox