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The Rita



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Release: September 2017
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The Rita - Medora CD

Here comes the next THE RITA attack on Old Europa Cafe... This time also coadiuvated in noisecrime by CALIGULA031, CLIMAX DENIAL, LINGUA IGNOTA, TED BYRNES... The classical ballet Le Corsaire is one of the most powerful examples of the blatant fetishism, sexuality and in this case even exploitation that is most often thinly veiled by the classical ballet’s historical context of being a part of the distinctive performing arts.

THE RITA has thoroughly deconstructed the classical ballet and it’s related elements to the harsh noise project’s past involvement in the social abstraction of women’s form and this time Le Corsaire’s ties to the ocean and eventually women’s historical involvement in tragic and fatal Adriatic Sea shark attacks is culminated in a cacophonous and layered storm of abrasive sound. To achieve such parallels of story, rough edged shifting lines of sound, and vicious crunching landscapes of distortion, various esteemed colleagues were called into action to provide related audio sources (Caligula031, Climax Denial, Lingua Ignota, Ted Byrnes...)
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